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Do you know the best way to improve your sense of rhythm?  BeatMaster is the specialized iPhone/iPod touch application for training your sense of rhythm with special method used by professional musician. With BeatMaster you could easily but for sure improve your sense of rhythm!

BeatMaster is made to develop good and solid “sense of rhythm” in yourself by listening the metronome click on “off-beat” timing. The click notes of BeatMaster are NEVER played on “downbeat”. All the click notes of BeatMaster are always played on “off-beat” timing with 8th or 16th note feel. Feel the downbeat by yourself with those guidance notes played by BeatMaster.

“Training Mode” is the most simple and the best way to develop your sense of rhythm. You can do rhythm training when you are walking, on a train, driving a car…anytime, anyplace.

If you want to test your sense of rhythm, use “Scoring Mode”. Tap the “Tap Me” button on downbeat timing, though BeatMaster plays click notes on “off-beat” timing. Then BeatMaster shows you the accuracy of your downbeat timing with the score and the graph.

Before purchacing the app, please check the manual video.


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